Friday, July 4, 2008

On Independence

So, I begin to write this blog on July the 4th, 2008 (here in Korea). For most of July the 4th here, of course, it isn't really July the 4th back home. But, somehow I was feeling slightly patriotic today, anyways.

Today is not a holiday in Korea, of course. So, I was working my regular day. I did, however, manage to squeeze in some July 4th hoopla. Well, it counts as hoopla in my limited ability over here. All I have to say is thank goodness for YouTube. The first bit of patriotic something or other that I got to watch was a bit of fireworks. It wasn't from Seattle, Anchorage, or any other place I've lived. It was just some random fireworks display from a few years might have been from Ohio. I don't doesn't matter. It was pretty.

The next bit of YouTube patriotism was an obligatory viewing of a part of a movie, The Patriot. Now what is truly fantastic about this movie is one particular scene where Mel Gibson (pre-crazy, well at least before we all knew he was crazy) and his character's two sons single-handedly slaughter about 25 bloody redcoats. I played this scene in the teacher's room at work because of patriotism and to annoy the two British guys who work here. British people are very easily insulted from what I have learned...of course, after 250 years of going from ruling the seas to losing pretty much all of their empire, I might be sensitive, too. Which makes it all the more fun to poke fun at them for...

Of course, these particular British guys came prepared with a 2 page pamphlet written from a British perspective with a bunch of things about the U.S. that should be changed revolving around the Fourth of July. It was kind of amusing, but it wasn't exactly heavy stuff. The most serious complaint about the U.S. seemed to be related to how the English language really needs more "u's" in words like flavor, color, aluminum, and a list of others.

I was not going to let this weak attempt at a national broadside go. So, I was quick to say, "I have just two names to remind you of...Neville Chamberlin and Sir John Maynard Keynes, two British guys". I had just long enough to watch an unknowning look go over both of their faces before I walked out the door to teach my first class of the day. It is fun when you can take British people down a peg or two.

Happy 4th of July...Read the Declaration of Independence at least once today. The Constitution should also be read once, over some potato salad, maybe. Mmm...potato salad.

Peace from Korea, where in the last few minutes it has switched to July the 5th (232 years and 1 day from giving those redcoats a good kick in the butt),


jr said...

Damn redcoats. I'm a browncoat myself.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Matthew Nye the Fourth of July Guy!!! Who would have thunk it? While I tend to agree with the Brits on having more "U"s in the English language, uuraah on taking them down a few pegs.

"If you like speaking English rather than German ... thank an American."