Thursday, June 28, 2012

On Training 2

In one of the training classes today, we were talking about dealing with multi-leveled students in class.  At the very end of class:

Guy 1:  `Why doesn`t the education office just level the classes into appropriate levels?` 

I think this is a reasonable question.

Blond-haired 년 (an impolite term for a `girl`):  `Research has shown that if you tell a teacher that these are low level students then the teacher will treat those students like dumb asses even if they are really a mixed class.`

Me: `I taught at a private afterschool academy before public school and we leveled students.  They turned into quite decent English speakers.`

Blond-haired 년 (pointing her finger at me and face contorted with anger): `You`re why my students sleep in class!!!`

Wow!  Issues?  I didn`t know the question of whether or not to level classes was such a sensitive issue.

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