Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Training

I am off to be trained by YBM.  YBM is the number one name in English education in Korea.  It just so happens to be the parent company of the private institute that I worked at before public school.

It is also the company for which my friend, Amanda, happened to work as an editor about three years ago.  Now, as I remember it, she used to text and call me with questions such as:

Amanda:  `Matt, they wrote, `I want to gone to Japan.` They question my English all the time, but I know they are wrong.  This is wrong, right?`

She is not a stupid person, but doubt really does start to move into your mind after continuously being critiqued on your native language by non-native speakers (that seems like an odd statement, but `tis true).

But by far the most memorable conversation was about her duties as a North American cultural and `reality` (?) liason.

Amanda: `Matt, the artist drew a picture of a black girl with blond hair.  So, I told her that black people don`t naturally have blond hair.  The artist said, `Yes, I have seen it on TV`.  뭐야!!`

So, that is the background for my feelings about a training being run by YBM.

On a slightly different note, this the most number of foreigners I have seen in a long time.

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