Monday, July 2, 2012

On Good Things in Korea (Music)

You may being asking what is the best music in Korea (You also may not being asking, but then you are on my blog and so I obviously lead the discussion).  So, here are my favorites from various coherently (at least in my mind) organized  awards:

Best Song:

"I Am the Best" by 2ne1


It is catchy and the whole independent dirty girl thing doesn't happen often enough here.

Best Teaching Song:

"I Don't Care" by 2ne1


It is really easy to remember (i.e. it is catchy again) and, when my students are being whining little brats, I can say, "I don't ca-a-a-are."

Best Girl Group:


Okay, so I am partial to 2ne1.

Best Use of Harmonica in a K-Pop Song:

"Lalala" by SG Wannabe

Best Song to Make Your Students Dance to If They Are Annoying:

"Sorry, Sorry" by Super Junior


Because they have to apologize somehow and every Korean student knows this dance, but not as well as they think...

Best Song to Make Students Sing or Dance to if You Really Want to Humiliate Them:

"The Three Bears Song" by I don't know (not the real name...I just really don't know)


Because humiliating students is sometimes very important and I know this song well enough to know if they are trying to bullshit me...


Best Use of Star Wars/Taps/2001 Style Music in a National Pledge

Note: This is not the anthem.  It is just the pledge of allegiance...Korean style.

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