Monday, July 23, 2012

On Air

Last week, the principal came in to the English classroom.  He seemed a little bit annoyed about something.

He pointed to the fan I had running in the room.

"Blah, blah, blah (something about if students are not in the room), 절전."

I wasn't exactly sure what "절전" was, but nonetheless, I dutifully said, "네. 알겠습니다." (Yes.  I understand.)

After he left, I looked up "절전" in my cell phone's English-Korean dictionary.

"절전 electricity, economize power"

This last month it has been hovering about 32 Celsius (90 F).  So, I am not really in the mood to save electricity.  But, I can move to the main teacher's office.  They sometimes turn the air conditioner on.

So, today they did turn the air conditioner on in the teacher's office.  Everyone is saying, "더워!" (It's hot!).

However, half of the windows are open.  And when I have been watching the classrooms more closely after the principal said that we needed to save electricity...the air conditioner has been on with the windows open.

Whatever 절전 means, I guess it doesn't mean save logically.

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