Monday, July 9, 2012

On Force (1)

What is the difference between these situations?

1)  A man takes medicine.
     A man is held down by psychologists and "given" medicine.

2)  A man receives a TV as a gift from his neighbor.
     A man steals a TV from his neighbor's house.

3)  A man engages in a boxing match.
     A man starts a fight with someone else.

4)  A man receives help from a doctor to end his life.
     A man randomly receives a hollow point bullet to the head.

5)  A man has sex with a woman.
     A man rapes a woman.

The difference is force.

Is anyone willing to stand up and argue that the second example from each pair is justifiable?

Here is a simple and relatively entertaining video about the nature of liberty, ethics, and the failure of almost every government mandate that exists:

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