Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Grammar (2)

I was going to post this picture and comment about the grammar...

I know the sign has some grammar problems, but I felt like I was just poking fun at a small issue when in reality it is completely readable and why should I waste my time with it.  Caffe Bene is a major chain of coffee shops in Korea.  And, besides why should I make fun of them when they make such good drinks?

But, then in researching about the topic (yes, I do research about my posts...).  I ran across their website which emphasized their shop located in Times Square, New York...

Here is the picture...

It may be a little hard to see, but take a look between the two Caffe Bene signs:

"Parking: Open to the 24 Hours"

At first I wanted to make a new title for this post: "Caffe Bene: Bringing Konglish to the World"

But, then I was still doing more research so I went to Google Maps and tried to find this exact shot just to see if it still looked like this.

The most recent shot of this area from Google Maps is from June 2011.  The same building used in the Caffe Bene promotion pictures can be seen on Google Maps.  Just search for "Caffe Bene, Times Square, New York".  Here is another shot from July 2010 from here.

Both the most recent Google Maps shot and this picture do not show Caffe Bene in the picture.  Although the Google Maps shot does show empty space where Charley O's is in this picture.

I finally did the smart thing and just googled "Caffe Bene Times Square".

Here you can see Caffe Bene as it can be seen from at least January 30th, 2012.

Now, I realize that the street signs were blocking the word, "public", in the original image on Caffe Bene's website.

So, now I have just one piece of advice for myself.

When I assume, I make an "ass" out of "me" and a "Korean" company.  Which actually makes these combinations:




Okay, I am finished.  Today, officially, I mekoreanassed.

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