Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On Mormons

Today while doing an errand I came across two Mormons on a foot bridge.  They were passing out pamphlets to all the Koreans, but I walked by without being noticed.

On my way back home I was going to pass them again.  So, I tried to stay within a group of Koreans.  I was going to try to be out of the Mormons` reach when I crossed the bridge.  Then suddenly just as I reached the bridge, the Koreans just disappeared and I was just alone with the Mormons.

I came to the first guy.  He politely with a little nod said, `Hi!`

I said, `Hey!`

I came to the second guy.  He said with a polite smile, `What`s up?`

I said, `Nothing much!`

I reached the end of the bridge both relieved and insulted that I hadn`t received one of their pamphlets.  There wasn`t even a body language hint of them wanting to ask if I wanted to join their little incestuous cult.

Apparently, I have been cast into the outer darkness of Mormonism.  Oh my!

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